February twenty six, nineteen ninety seven,
God sent us an angel, straight down from heaven,
He gave us this challenge, knowing we are strong,
To deal with her condition and give her the love that she'll long. Itís tough growing up with OCA (Oculocutaneous Albinism) and being visually impaired,
Thatís why we formed Natalieís Way Foundation, and asked for donations-
From people who care,
Our daughter is special, with her beautiful white hair,
Our foundation is for albinism and to help the children who are impaired.

Thank you all for being part of our day,
For your generosity and supporting Natalieís Way,
Our fight for research has only begun,
Hope we can count on you all, for the years to come,

Thank You Bob, Annette, Robert & Natalie

The Money You Donate We'll Give Special Care.

Natalie's Way Foundation

Helping children with albinism related vision problems since 2000.

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